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Innox Hill, Frome

Client - Private
Value - Private
Completed - Summer 2015

The owner of a run down bungalow on a steeply sloping plot in Frome wanted to demolish the property and create three contemporary homes which utilised the topography of the site to its best.

With this in mind we constructed a terrace of three contemporary homes on the site utilising reinforced concrete formwork (RCF) which was the best solution for the topography as it allows the construction of retaining walls on what is a steeply sloping site. 

You enter the house in the middle with a lower ground floor housing the living accommodation with bedrooms on the upper ground level and a master suite on the first floor.

Because of the nature of the site there were also some overlooking issues with the neighbours further down the hill; these issues were overcome by the use of large overhanging roofs from the first floor to hide the properties below from site and the use of exterior window shutters to prevent overlooking.

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